iPhone 15 Pro panel orders “off to a strong start” ahead of launch, says report

Apple is currently in the process of readying the iPhone 15 lineup for launch this fall. Based on display supply chain analysis, Apple appears to be gearing up for especially strong demand this year.

According to new research published by DSCC, iPhone 15 panel orders during June 2023 are “expected to be 100% higher” than iPhone 14 panel orders during the same period a year ago. If nothing else, that’s a positive sign for supply this year and the capacity to build new iPhones ahead of launch compared to a year ago.

Additionally, DSCC is seeing a higher percentage of displays for iPhone Pro models for the 15 series ordered than compared to the 14 series a year ago.

“With the current mix of panel shipments for the iPhone 15 series, the Pro models account for a 58% share versus a 43% share for the iPhone 14 Pro models during the June – July period,” reports DSCC. During June, DSCC is also seeing a 22% fall in iPhone 14 series panel shipments compared to iPhone 13 series panel shipments year-over-year.

The emphasis on iPhone 15 Pro orders reflects a mix correction Apple needed to make with the iPhone 14 Pro after its launch last fall. iPhone 14 Pro demand at launch was said to have greatly exceeded Apple’s expectations.

Apple also had the iPhone 14 Plus to factor in last year. This marked a lower price point for a larger display than in previous years. Such a change is not expected to be repeated with the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max lineup.

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