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Zoho ToDo is the ultimate task management application for all your personal and work tasks. With clean views, personal and group tasks, categories, Kanban boards, social-media style collaboration, and mobile-exclusive features, you’ll start enjoying every task you do!

Install Zoho ToDo today and enjoy the following benefits:

First things first: prioritize better

When you start your day, the last thing you want is a bunch of tasks staring at you. This is why Zoho ToDo has a neat agenda view to help you visualize your work items by day, week, or month. Your tasks can also be assigned a priority so that you know just what to focus on immediately.

Light-weighted yet comprehensive:

With a simple and intuitive interface, Zoho ToDo is designed to manage your everyday tasks with precision and ease. You can create tasks, assign them to people, track them with proper due dates, categorize them for quick filtering, and exchange views through comments and likes.

Visualise with Kanban boards

While the list view is a convenient and standard way to visualize your tasks, we don’t stop with that. Zoho ToDo comes with interactive Kanban boards that help you view tasks neatly bundled according to category, groups, priority, due dates, status, or tags. You can drag and drop Kanban cards across rows for quick reorganization.

Get more done without doing much!

Zoho ToDo has features custom-made for your mobile so that you can do more even when you’re on the move! You can add tasks with simple voice commands, scan a physical document to convert it into tasks instantly, or access work items easily by simply tapping on the handy widgets.

Stay in perfect sync.

If you’re someone who is constantly on the move, or you just prefer using your mobile app more than the web, you can easily switch between one to the other, because your tasks are perfectly synced across your devices. Your personal tasks also sync with your Calendar so that your schedules reflect all the time you’re spending on your tasks!

Got questions? Write to tasks@zohomobile.com, and let’s talk!

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