Water Sort – Color Sort Puzzle info

Water Color Sort is an addictive puzzle game that will increase your IQ level and kill boredom, Just sort water of the same color into a tube, Challenges come with fun and relaxation. If you like classic fluid type puzzles, you will definitely be interested in this Water Color Sort Puzzle Game too!

How to play:

– Tap any tube to pour water into another tube.

– You can always restart the level or use the withdraw button at any time.

– If you really get stuck – relax, you can add a tube to make it easier.

– The only goal is to sort water of the same color into a tube.

Main feature:

– Easy to play with one finger.

– New rich and always refreshing puzzles.

– Relax and enjoy because there is no competition or time limit.

– Change different types of backgrounds.

– Improve your concentration, productivity and memory.

– Perfect stress relief activity.

Sharpen your mind by playing this awesome brain puzzle game, relax and have fun with your family or friends

Try Water Color Sort Game today and see how much fun it is!

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