video calling tips & messenger info

Looking for high-quality video calls and an instant messaging app?🗫 You are in the right place. With imo audio and video calls, you can have free and stable calls with your friends and family. Imo messenger app is a free, fast and secure app which lets you message and call your friends using your phone number.

Imo calling app📞 offers following initial features:

1. Make imo international calls for free.

2. Share status by picture, video and text on imo story.

3. Join or create a big imo group that you are interested in.

4. Decorate your imo profile with music widget, background and many more.

5. Express your feelings or simply have fun spamming each other with hundreds of imo stickers.

Also, one of the quite interesting features that Imo offers is the Real Time Chat. This is an option which you can either turn on or off and it shows a “preview” of text you’re about to receive. While you’re texting someone, you can see the text even before they hit Send.

Beside talking to your friends, you can create groups to gather close friends together, to have some family group where you can contact each other when you’re rather busy, or simply have business group conversations with colleagues. 🗣️Thanks to the Imo free app, you can easily have conferences via group video calls.

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