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Sri Venkateswara Swamy Suprabatam(తెలుగు : వెంకటేశ్వర సుప్రభాతం,

தமிழ் : வெங்கடேஸ்வரா சுப்ரபாதம்

, ಕನ್ನಡ : ವೆಂಕಟೇಶ್ವರ ಸುಪ್ರಭಾತಮ್, बालाजी सुप्रभात ) is a collection of verses recited early morning to awaken Venkateswara Swamy. The Venkatesa Suprabhatam was composed around 1430 A.D. by Prativadibhayankara Śri Anantacarya. The poet was a disciple of Swami Manavala Mamuni, who composed Sri Ranganatha Suprabhatham. Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham consists of four parts: Suprabhatam, Sri Venkatesa Stothram, Prapatti, and Mangalasasanam.

Features in this app :

1. App contains complete Suprabhatham including Venkateswara Stotram, Prapati and Mangala Sasanam.

2. Suprabhatam lyrics presented in Telugu, English, Tamil and Hindi.

3. Suprabatham lyrics perfectly synced with the audio.

4. Increase or Decrease font size.

5. Repeat suprabhatham between 1 to 50 times automatically.

6. Alarm/Scheduler : Wanna play suprabhatham every day at a particular time in the morning? then set the time, the app will play automatically.

7) Gallery of Venkateswara Swamy Images.

8) Venkateswara Swamy images can be set as phone wallpapers.

9) Seperate para of full lyrics can be read without song.

10) Set the song as Ringtone.

11) Temple Bell feature added.

12) Song stops automatically when phone gets call.

13) App runs without internet as well.

14) Hide lyrics on home screen.

15) Turn on/off temple bell vibration.

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