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TV Remote for All Smart TV app is a special gift for our users. All smart TV remote control app is just not only supports TV controls but also provides remote functionalities for other electronic devices that you use in your daily life. You can access all the DVD player, set-top boxes and air-conditioners through this universal TV remote control app. All TV remote 2022 app provide you very easy & simple working. TV Remote for All Smart TV app has all controls of the famous companies’ smart TV remote. You just have to install our all smart TV remote control app. After that you have to connect your mobile phone and smart TV on same WIFI. Smart TV remote control app will start its work. You can control all your TV programs and channels with just simple clicks from your smart TV remote app. TV Remote for All Smart TV app will work on all kinds of TVs. All smart TV remote control app is available free on android play store

Kaye Features are following:

• Remote Control for All Smart TV

• Connect smart TV and phone with WIFI.

• You can turn ON and OFF your smart TV.

• You can also Mute or Un-Mute.

• Open channel lists and channel index.

• Quickly change channel with numerical buttons.

• Control Volume up and volume down.

• Customize all your channel settings

• Full Menu button like up, down, left & right feature.

• Use and share this all smart TV remote control app

TV Remote for All Smart TV app is specially designed by our professional designers and developers. All smart phone TV remote control all is made very simple but useful. Now-a-days mobile phone has become a most used gadget that people all carry with them. So having an all smart TV remote app installed on your mobile device is very good. TV Remote 2022 app simply works as a remote control for all your TV functionalities. All Smart TV Remote Control is one of the creative and best from all other smart remote control apps. Remote Control for All TV is also created very small is size so that it takes very less memory of phone. While using this smart TV remote control app, you don’t have to get up and pick the TV remote. All TV Remote 2022 app will provide you almost all the functionalities that your physical remote have. Smart phone TV Remote app also has all other advanced functions as well. You will have a great experience while using our TV Remote for All Smart TV app. Thanks

Note: Our All smart TV remote control is made very secure and secure. For any kind of other information you can kindly see our privacy policy.

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