Ultimate Balancer 3D Ball Game App info

Ultimate Balancer 3D Ball Game is an adventure, challenging and multi level extreme balancer ball game, where you have to balance the going balls and overcome various obstacles to reach the winning gate. Rolling different balancer ball over tricky traps makes the 3d ball game more adventurous. This extreme balancer 3d ball game lets you blow the balls over wooden roads, bridges and various obstacles.

In this 3d ball balancer game, you can see realistic graphics with amazing movement controls. Balancing the ball and complete all extreme levels. There are 35+ levels and from the first level you can change your background themes as your choice.

RULES in this 3d Ball Balancer Game:

You must balance the ball without falling. After every start of the level, you are given total five (5) lives and after every fall until your lives are over, you are re-spawn into middle of the checkpoint. There are many checkpoints in each level. By escaping all the obstacles you have to reach the winning gate.

In this extreme balancer game, Getting focus will help you to escaping unexpected obstacles such as –

– Hammers

– Sharp Knife

– Surprising Roads

– Fist Gloves

– Sharp Knife Chakra

– And many more obstacles which will try to fall your balancer ball in the space.

This 3d Balancer Ball game has 3d balls of different types such as-

– Wooden 3d Ball

– Laval 3d Ball

– Grass 3d Ball

– Football

This 3d Ball Game has different background themes.

– Dreamscape Mountain

– Digital Town

– Ocean Mountain

Easy To Control:

You can customize your camera controls FREE or SWIPE.

You can also customize movement to ARROW or JOOYSTICK.

So, get ready and participate in an epic 3d ball game in a different environment.

Download now and play!

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