Translator for Dogs (Joke) App info

The Translator for Dogs (Joke) brings the distinct barking sound of various dog breeds, along with every action of that breed.🐢🐢🐢

If you don’t know why the dogs are barking and won’t listen to you, try this app to imitate dog sounds. The dialogue will be recorded and played back as the dog barks. Of course, this is just a joke!

You will have an application to tease your dog or tease your friends and family with cute, aggressive, etc. dog barks.

Our app will:

🐩 Bring expressive barking dogs: curious, suspicious friendly, requires, scared, happy, tired, …

πŸ• Bring the barking of dogs according to their breed: puppy, big dog, Tibetan Mastiff, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Hound, Shepherd, …

🐢 Translate from human sound to barking dog (of course, this is a joke)

This is an application that resembles a dog’s language translator, created to be used to fool your friends, relatives, or dogs. Bring fun and a wonderful time for everyone. You can also use the app’s sounds to summon your dog.

Let’s use our app to have some fun and laugh together!

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