TownWiFi byGMO App info

You can connect and authenticate to over 2M Public WiFi automatically.

No need for login and register for each WiFi

You can use public WiFi like your home WiFi.

■Countries we can use

USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau

■WiFi which you can use

– Public: SF WiFi, Santa Monica WiFi, Hawaii WiFi, Guam WiFi and so on

– Trasport: SFO WiFi, LAX WiFi, Guam WiFi and so on

– Food: Starbucks WiFi, MCD WiFi, Pizza Hut WiFi, Coffee Bean WiFi and so on

– Bank: Bank of America WiFi, Citi WiFi

– Retail: Walmart WiFi, Nordstorm WiFi, Target WiFi and so on

– Telecom: att WiFi, Verizon WiFi, T-Mobile WiFi

■How it works

Just add the WiFi which you want to use.

You will be connected when you go to that place.

No need to open WiFi list at your SmartPhone, nor open the browser to register each time.

Have a nice WiFi life by using TownWiFi

■Privacy Policy

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