Tower Color App info

Tower Color is a new one-hand addictive 3D Game where you have to do a smash hit on the color tower with a color ball.

With an infinity of levels to complete & mesmerising colors, we will amaze you with this asmr game, with satisfying notes one you break bricks and demolish the tower color.

Level after level, the difficulty increases and the color tower gets higher and higher! Become the best tower crusher once you throw the color ball and smash. Let this game amaze you with the wonderful color bricks falling apart.

How to play?

– Start each level by choosing the right angle to hit the tower, swipe right or left.

– Throw the color ball on blocks and bricks that are same color match to destroy it!

– Demolish the Tower like a bucket crusher!


– Colorful blocks to see and a lot bricks to break

– Beautiful graphics, satisfying gameplay, asmr game with color match bricks

– Simple one-touch gameplay, just throw the color ball

– Easy to learn how to become a tower crusher

– Suitable for all ages that are fans of color ball, color match and bucket crusher games

Train your precision to win in this smash hit tower game. We challenge you to reach level 100!

Can you amaze us with your skills, tower crusher?

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