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Keep an eye on changes to your LIVE credit score for FREE*, only on TotallyMoney**. Get a helpful breakdown of what affects your score so you can get a leg up on the credit ladder.

We’ll also help you manage your day-to-day spending and show you what you can do next, so you can grow your score and ultimately protect it.

What’s more, we’ll use the information in your credit profile to find cards and loans from the UK’s leading lenders that we think will help you reach your goals.*** 

Download the TotallyMoney app today and start taking greater control of your finances. You’ll totally get there.

What you can do with TotallyMoney:


See how payments impact your credit score and how much money you’ll have after you’ve paid your bills every month.

Get a different way of knowing what offers are available to you right now — Unlike credit score alone, Borrowing Power also looks at the wider credit market.

Stay up-to-date with personalised alerts that show you the cards or loans that could help you get ahead on your journey to better credit.

Discover your Best Match — the cards or loans we think are best for your needs, based on your available information.


Learn the “when and why” of your credit score changes with our revamped Score History feature. It helps you understand credit score changes so you can make meaningful improvements.

Find out the steps you can take to improve your eligibility, ranked by how much of an impact they’ll have. That way, you always know what to do next.

Improve your financial behaviour and reach your financial goals with Credit Assistant. It gives you a better picture of how you use different types of credit, at different times.

Find deals from the UK’s leading lenders that are right for your needs. Guaranteed rates and limits, interest-free offers, and offers with pre-approval**** — discover a range of options that could help you get ahead.


Check your eligibility for any offer you find on TotallyMoney. See how likely you are to be accepted before you even apply, protect your credit score and secure the credit you need.

Easily manage your spending, avoid missed payments and keep working on building your score.

*We’ll ask TransUnion for your credit report and credit score each time you log into your account. Your credit report and credit score are updated daily by TransUnion. We also ask TransUnion for your updated credit report and credit score each month.

**verify at

***TotallyMoney Ltd is an independent credit broker, not a lender.

****Pre-approval is subject to credit checks. If you apply, you’ll get the card or loan, at the rate advertised, providing the information you give us is accurate and you pass the lender’s final checks.

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