Toilet Monster : Sound Prank info

Are you ready to hear the scary sounds of the Toilet Monster? Be brave enough to listen to these scary sounds. 😱 Prank your friend with Toilet Monster sound now.

Toilet Monster: Prank Sound provide sounds from different scary toilet monsters to entertain and prank your friends. All the scary toilet monsters sound at once. This coolest prank sound app will help you to take your scary pranks to the next level.

Be a fan of skibydy toilet, you will definitely have to explore a rich collection of toilet head sounds such as spider toilet, DJ toilet, boss toilet, cameraman,… Play Toilet Monster: Prank Sound to scare your friends or family and give them goosebumps. Witnessing their scared faces, you can’t help but laugh!!!🤣

Main features of Toilet Monster: Prank Sound:

💥More than 100 scary sounds from the iconic toilet monsters: Spider toilet, 5-head toilet, DJ toilet, Boss toilet, Cameraman, …

Loop feature: listen repeatedly without interruption

💥Timer to play sound

🚽 Toilet Monster & Haircut prank to prank friends

Imagine the combination of a toilet monster sounds with a combo haircut prank. Very interesting! You can turn your phone into a hair clipper and scare them away. This fun prank feature supports vibration function like a real trimmer. Your friends will really think their hair was cut.

🚽 Toilet Monster with Air horn prank friends

Wake up your friends, cheer them on, or maybe grab their attention to secretly surprise them with the air horn effect. Fake sirens to see their panic response.

🚽 Toilet Man & Fart sounds

This is a hilarious app if you are going to prank someone. Turn your phone into a farting sound machine and embarrass your friends with a fart timer or liven up your surroundings with funny fart symphonies.

👻 Discover the comprehensive toilet man sounds collection of your favorite toilet monster right at your fingertips! You can become a prank master with Toilet Monster: Sound Prank. Choose the perfect sound to create moments of laughter and unforgettable surprises.

👇 So, what are you waiting for? Join the world of skibidy toilet today!

Download Toilet Monster: Sound Prank, start the fun, and let your pranking adventures begin! 🎉

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