THE EINSTEIN KIDS SCHOOL App is made for the Parents to get timely and better information about their child’s school. They can get access to child activities in the school, circulars and notifications from the school, Videos, Audio’s and Photos from the school on their mobile phone sitting anywhere and anytime. This is the first time that an App has been made which covers the entire workings of the school and allows Parents to see their child school performance.

Through this App, Parent can get access to

1. Communication from schools in the form of SMS, Text messages, Videos, Photos & Audios.

2. Homework given by the class Teacher.

3. Attendance records of the student.

4. Class Time table.

5. Fees records – Payments & Dues.

6. Profile of the student with option to edit details.

7. View Report cards & exam results.

8. Insert photo of the child.

The App is available only for those Parents who have their child studying in that school which is using our School App.

We are always very excited to hear from you. If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at

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