Tappa Keyboard with AI typing App info

Express yourself like never before with AI-powered typing, hundreds of exclusive stickers, a vast array of perfect-reaction GIFs, user-first privacy, and a personalized display just for you.

Top Keyboard Features

• TappaText: Built with AI-driven technologies, now you can tap into the power of artificial intelligence directly from your Tappa Keyboard. Powered by OpenAI.

• Tappa Search: Browse the web straight from your keyboard and save time from switching between apps.

• Translate: Transform everything you type into any language.

• Write and edit: Get instant access to expert prompts for essays, outlines, stories, one-liners, descriptions, headlines, and more.

• Social media captions: Craft captions and post concepts in seconds for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, and others.

• Compose resumes: Upgrade your professional brand through AI-informed resume outlines, LinkedIn DM messages, and email prompts.

• Autocorrect: Type faster with automated corrective text technologies.

• Word prediction: Communicate accurately with word suggestions as you type.

• Stickers: Send your friends hundreds of exclusive, colorful stickers from our regularly updated collections.

• GIFs: Browse a vast variety of perfect-reaction GIFs and memes, only available from your Tappa Keyboard.


• Type with Tappa Keyboard extension on any Android-compatible app, including popular platforms like Instagram, messages, TikTok, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Safari, Tinder, Hinge, Gmail, and more.

• Switch seamlessly between apps, email, messages, and social media platforms with automatically saved TappaText writing prompts and topics.

Personalization & Style

• Pick your preferred display style from dozens of fun and colorful themes.

• Customize your keyboard to fit your unique needs by resizing and personalizing.

• Select a typing language from 82 supported languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Italian.


• Keep all typed messages private.

• Only share search data with our search providers for an improved search experience and only share your inputs with TappaText for an accurate response from the AI technology.

Download Tappa Keyboard for Android to upgrade your typing game across all your favorite apps.

Tappa Keyboard is a privacy-first mobile app from Tappa.

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