Sweet Dolls:Mermaid Princess info

💖Sweet Dolls: Mermaid Princess – a magical and surprising underwater world!💖

🌸Welcome to your own underwater castle paradise! Here, you can collect many beautiful and special mermaid princesses through surprise eggs. You can do their makeup, dress them up, and give them makeovers. You can play fun mini-games with them and earn magical furniture to decorate the castle! It’s an incredible adventure waiting for you!

【Mysterious underwater world】

🌸Wow, come and see! You’ve entered a super cool and beautiful underwater world. It’s a fancy underwater castle where lots of pretty mermaids live! And guess what? There are also awesome sea grass, shiny shells, and magical creatures like starfish all around. It’s like a dream come true, full of incredible underwater wonders to explore!

【Magical Dress up Fun】

🌸These little mermaids aren’t just chibi doll, they’re your friends!Do you want to dress them up as different styles of princesses? Well, we’ve got a magical wardrobe just for you! Inside, you’ll find countless hairstyles, makeup options, adorable outfits, fabulous accessories, and even different styles of mermaid tails to choose from! That’s not all – there are also cute little fairies that accompany the lovely mermaids!

🌸Get ready to dive into a delightful dress-up game where you can create your very own special mermaid doll! It’s all about cuteness, makeovers, makeup, and having a blast with dress-up games!

【Mermaid’s home – the sea castle】

🌸Step into the enchanting world of your very own mermaid dolls’ undersea castle! It’s a special place just for you! Inside, you’ll discover a grand hall, cozy bedrooms, a fabulous kitchen, a huge terrace, and even a whole floor dedicated to entertainment! Your mermaid princesses can take baths, have sweet dreams, sing songs, play musical instruments, wave their magic wands to create delicious dinners, and even grow mysterious underwater fruits!

But wait, there’s more! You’ll find plenty of fantastical underwater furniture and decorations to make your castle even more amazing!

【Collect Amazing Mermaid with Gacha!】

🌸Guess what? You can get even more adorable little mermaids by opening surprise eggs! Each surprise egg holds a unique and beautiful mermaid doll inside. But here’s the truly magical part: deep down in the mysterious sea, there’s an ancient machine that can combine your mermaid dolls to create brand new and one-of-a-kind surprise eggs! Isn’t that amazing? Come and see the magic unfold before your eyes!

【Play Fun Mini-Games with Your Mermaid Friends!】

🌸Let’s have a blast playing mini-games with your mermaid friends! You can try out exciting games like jumping, running, fishing, and memory card flips. Plus, we have a special nail art games for girls! Our mini-games are not only fun and entertaining, but you can also earn coins and unlock fabulous furniture along the way! Join in on the adventure and let the games begin!

💖Step into the magical world of Sweet Dolls: Mermaid Princess and explore the enchanting underwater castle with countless mermaid princesses! This doll game is like a combination of makeup games, dress up games, princess games, and cute games, just like playing Barbie games! You won’t be disappointed with this amazing girl games. Come and join the fun!💖

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