Sultan Merge info

The kingdom needs your help! Enemies storming your territory and you need to defeat them in battle. Match and merge items, earn coins and build a powerful army that can conquer the world!

Play hundreds of challenging levels, solve puzzles and combine objects to create swords, spears, jewellery, clothes, and many more!

Sell your goods at the souk, earn gold and train soldiers at the barracks. Fight your enemies and collect treasure chests to find boosters, coins and new spawners. As you explore and conquer new lands, match and merge objects into even more powerful weapons, glorious jewels and luxurious items.

Challenge yourself to daily quests and win power-ups. As you progress, you’ll build and expand your Kingdom, grow your army of soldiers and powerful heroes. And when your enemies come to attack, you’ll be ready to defend your land with your powerful military and advanced weapons.

With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Sultan Merge takes you on an adventure through the desert sands of the Middle East, where you’ll explore ancient ruins, meet legendary heroes, and battle fierce enemies.

Are you ready to become the ultimate Sultan and rule over the empire?

BATTLE your enemies and lead your army into victory

MERGE items to create more powerful weapons, tools, and treasures

BUILD and expand your Sultanate to support your army

RECRUIT soldiers and powerful heroes to fight your enemies

EXPLORE the battlegrounds and challenge yourself as you encounter new enemies

COLLECT coins and develop new skills

UNLOCK hidden areas and find lost treasures

Do you have what it takes to save your realm and defend your kingdom?

Play Sultan Merge now and start your journey to greatness!

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