Stash: Video Game Manager App info

Stash is primarily an application for gamers. Manage and organize the games you beaten or your wishlist, set alerts for new releases and compete for the most impressive gaming collection among thousands of other gamers.

Wondered how to keep track of your gaming experiences?

Now you have the opportunity to easily discover and organize a collection and wishlist. Track and manage all of your video games, decide what to play next, and discover new games. Manage all your gaming experience across multiple platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, Steam, retro consoles and another) in one place.

👉Manage game library — Organize your games on Stash by adding them to your collection. Track what you’ve played and beat by adding games to: want, playing, beaten, archived. Let everyone know what games you’ve beaten and what’s next on your list with our collections system.

👉 Discover Games — Access the largest gaming database with more than 230k+ games available to review and add to your collections. You can find any game you know in this huge catalog! View screenshots, watch videos, and more for the games you’re playing or want to play.

👉 Follow friends — Check out your friends’ profiles and follow them to see their progress. Compare your gaming tastes and accomplishments. And make gamer links.

👉 Create collection — Create and manage any custom game list. Share your selection of games with the gamer community.

👉 Leave Reviews — Share your thoughts on the game you’ve played to improve our suggestions system and mark up your favorites. Rate video games to give suggestions to other users!

👉 Set Alerts — Watching out for a huge release? We’re here for you to let you know first once it’s live. Set a reminder, and we’ll send you a push.

👉 Dominate Leaderboard — Join the fight of the most cool gamers and climb up our leaderboard to show what you’re worth.

👉 HumbleBundle Radar — Monitor new bundles from Humble. We’ll let you know when a new game bundle is available.

It is your backlog app and stats tracker that can help you to organize games from all platforms.

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