Starlight Idle info

Somewhere in this universe, there is a town with a beautiful sea as its scenery.

However, because they are not good at management, they are not able to save the streets well.

We need you, the new business owners, to bring in stalls and decorate them to save the streets!

Turn a blank street into a colorful and famous street.

★It’s not an ordinary sea!

From tteokbokki stalls to various facilities,

Create an emotional street by floating pretty lanterns on the sea.

★Maximum yield!

Tap the screen to mine gold meteorites and set up stalls to increase your profits even more.

It’s a small profit at first, but you will see your profit gradually grow.

★Enjoy and heal easily

Have fun, I’ll make my own money!

Even if you leave it alone, the stalls you installed will automatically generate revenue.

Simply upgrade with the money you earn!

Get away from the complicated reality and enjoy the simple and pretty streets.

★People’s story

You can see the happy stories and sad stories of various people.

People love it when you respond here!

Meet various stories.

Are you ready to run the new manager?

I’m looking forward to your wonderful management skills.

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