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Contrary to an accepted misconception, slow reading does not make you better understand what you are reading. On the contrary, when we read slowly, our attention gets distracted much more quickly because we give our brains the spaces to think about other things by trying to read slowly. Thanks to this application, you will be able to scan pages much faster by improving your eye muscles, you will learn to read more than one word at the same time by expanding your vision, and you will improve your concentration with concentration exercises. You will read your pdf and epub files much faster with the help of the reader with 2 different modes.

o Do the exercises set for you every day in the speed reading course.

o Improve your eye muscles, visual angle and concentration ability thanks to the exercises.

o After doing the daily exercises, read at least 20 minutes daily with the help of the reader.

o Do extra exercises until your eye muscles get tired to improve faster.

o Track your 30-day progress with statistics.

o You will now read and understand your books much faster than before.

o It makes it easier for you to spend time reading books.

Features :

• Speed reading and concentration exercises.

• Reading accelerator for pdf and epub files in 2 different modes.

• 30-day speed reading course.

• Exercises for the eye muscles.

• Exercises to expand the angle of vision.

• EPUB reader and PDF reader feature.

• Statistics to see your progress.

• Spritz reading mode is perfect for reading books

• Bionic reading.

Who is this app for ?

• Those who are distracted while reading a book and cannot read a book.

• Those who want to read their books faster.

• Those preparing for exams.

• Those who want to improve their concentration..

• Those who want to read their epub and pdf books in spritz form.

To communicate : speedeys.contact@gmail.com

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