Siren Head Call Scary Prank App info

Prank calls are always fun to do with friends, family or girlfriend. This fake calling simulator app is featured with some scary prank fun to receive an incoming call from siren head. The received call looks like a siren head real call to bring some sweat on other person’s face. Siren head call will bring some more fake call excitement to enjoy the prank with your girlfriend. Make unlimited prank calls with this siren head fake calling app.

Features for this Siren Head Call Scary Prank:

o Unlimited prank calls from siren head

o Scary prank call simulator for fun

o Prank calls scary theming of the app

o Custom timer for scary head calls

o Set custom theme for siren head call

o Fake calling app simulator

o Incoming prank calling will look like a siren head real call on the phone

o Quick setting for siren head caller id

o Smart and tiny but simple prank app user interface to use

o Receive call and prank with girlfriend

Are you willing to spend a cool and haunting experience to receive scary siren head prank call at any time of late night or just want to scare your school friends? If yes, then this Scary Siren Head prank calling is a funny joke call simulator with equipping the Scary Siren Head character.

Use this fake calling app for siren head and prank your friends and family. Scary prank call will make them to bring some sweating and lose their mind when they receive fake prank call from Scary Siren Head in the phone. This app featured with Siren Head voices to feel like a real call. Just receive call and scare your friends and family with feeling like a siren head real call but only you know that this is the fake calling simulator installed on your phone.


This app is just designed for the fun purpose and not receive any real call or support any real calling feature. We respect the authorized siren head copyrights of the honorable owner and do not compete with them in any way.

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