Sim Airport – Idle Game App info

Are you ready to manage your own airport?

Expand the airport entrance, update the service facilities of airport hall, build airport shop, get more planes and assign more airlines. Step to step to strong your airport empire and get more airport profits!

Game Features:

– Attract more passengers

Provide passengers with various modes of transportation. Add taxi exit lane, build bus stop and underpass so that passengers have more choice to come to the airport. More the passengers come, more profit you can earn.

– Provide the best quality service

Update the service facilities to improve passengers’ happiness during waiting their plane. Install more ticket machines and security machine to speed up passenger queuing. The comfortable seats and clear instruction are also important. And don’t forget to build a restroom and smoking room. Our aim is to put passengers first.

– Manage planes and airlines

Considering your passengers’ needs for traveling, arrange your planes and schedules reasonable. Maximize the occupancy rate of each plane is important for your airport business. Get more planes and unlock more routes will help you get more earning.

– Build shops to earn more money

Your passengers have more demands when they are waiting for their plane of course. Build some shops like a supermarket and restaurant is a good choice! These shops can not only kill the passengers’ waiting time, but also bring you considerable income.

– Get offline profit

The airport is open 24 hours. When you leave the game, it will still operate and generate money for you. Hire an offline manager for your airport is a good choice to increase your income.

Managing an airport is as easy as it is difficult. It depends on you! If you like idle management games, don’t miss Sim Airport! Come and build your airport empire!

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