Security News This Week: Update Your iPhone Right Now to Fix 2 Apple Zero Days

A year ago today, the United States Supreme Court overturned the decades-old ruling in Roe v. Wade, wiping out the federal right to abortion care in the US. But as history has shown, abortions do not simply stop because laws change—they go underground, where it’s less safe for the people who seek them.

One of those subterranean places is the messaging app Telegram, where the number of groups and channels offering sales of abortion pills like mifepristone has grown substantially over the past 12 months, a WIRED investigation found. Sellers using apparent pseudonyms offer the drugs for around $135, on average, but there’s no guarantee that the pills buyers receive are what they say they are.

Even if you have no plans of patronizing a Telegram drug market, there’s no escaping the artificial intelligence boom. If the doomsayers are correct, society is about to be inundated with AI-fueled misinformation, deepfakes, and more. But psychologists say humanity is simply not mentally ready for this new era, and researchers have only begun to explore what it means for our brains to live in a “post-truth world.”

Your new car isn’t just a car—it’s a smartphone on wheels. As vehicles have become increasingly computer-controlled, so too has the amount of data carmakers can collect about drivers. We dove into the most popular vehicles in the US to suss out exactly how much of your privacy you’re giving up when you sit behind the wheel.

Of course, phones themselves aren’t any better for your privacy, especially when law enforcement gets involved. Documents recently obtained by the ACLU show the extent the FBI will go to to keep police from revealing details about cell-site simulators, which are used to surveil a target’s phone. Despite the fact that the existence of these devices, also known as “Stingrays,” has been public for years, the FBI requires cops to keep their use a secret, both from suspects and the courts.

But that’s not all. Each week, we round up the stories we didn’t cover in depth ourselves. Click the headlines to read the full stories. And stay safe out there.

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