School Rickshaw Simulator info

School Rickshaw Simulator is a first ever school game in which you pick & drop school kids from their schools. This time you will drive school rickshaw in place of school bus. Race against the clock in a bustling future city and experience heart-pounding excitement by driving Tuk Tuk rickshaw. Grab the helm, confront the challenge, and showcase your expertise. Take the passengers and students from the bus stop, navigate through congested roads and crazy traffic, drop them to their desired location on time.

Driving three wheeler rickshaw isn’t that easy as it seems. It is different from driving taxi as its controls aren’t that simple but don’t worry it is going to be different experience for you. Complete challenges, earn points to unlock amazing range of other rickshaws. Driving auto rickshaw on uneven and slippery roads is another challenge for the players of Indian Flying Tuk Tuk players. It will put your expertise to the test as you have to monitor the speed while still completing the job within the time limit.

School Rickshaw Simulator Key Features:

– Limited time to complete mission

– Choose your favorite auto rickshaw, loader rickshaw, chingchi rickshaw or electric rickshaw

– Amazing depiction of city and offroad environment

– Next gen graphics and animations

– Realistic engine sounds

– Offline gameplay

– Designed for ages

– Beautiful sceneries to boost engagement of player

– Tons of challenging complex missions

School Rickshaw Simulator Modes:

Select your favorite ching chi rickshaw from garage. Get behind your flying tuk tuk, use navigation keys i.e. race, brake button to move and stop your vehicle and arrow keys to move in any direction. Drive in City mode or Offroad mode whatever you like.

City Mode is all about city roads, signals and streets where you’ll drive to complete assigned mission.

Offroad mode is about driving in offroad environment to pick and drop school kids and passengers in defined time frame.

Learn rickshaw driving and be a skilled rickshaw driver in School Rickshaw Simulator game and enjoy your ultimate fun ride. Master the intense gameplay and be able to confidently navigate your modern tuk tuk in the city streets. Let us know with your suggestions for further improvements and upgrades.

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