Saregama Carvaan App info

Saregama Carvaan app connects to your Carvaan device and enables you to listen to songs, create playlists and discover your favourite retro songs on Carvaan.

The app is compatible with Carvaan Premium, Carvaan Gold, Carvaan 2.0, Carvaan Gold 2.0, Carvaan Karaoke, Carvaan Mini+, Carvaan Musicbar and Carvaan GO.

The app is categorized into 2 sections:


Use this section of the app when you are listening to your Carvaan at home. This app enables you to browse through the library of old songs that are pre-loaded on your Carvaan.

This section works like a remote to control playout of songs on your Carvaan device. Use this section in conjunction with your Carvaan unit only.

This is what you can do in this section:

• Play a song on Carvaan unit

• Search for your favourite song

• Create playlists of your choice

• Control song playout volume


This subscription based section allows you to stream and download your favourite songs on the Saregama Carvaan App. Connect the app to your Carvaan device at least once to subscribe and use this section. Once connected, you can subscribe and listen to the songs you like on the go.

This section is available for Carvaan Premium, Carvaan Gold, Carvaan 2.0, Carvaan Gold 2.0, Carvaan Karaoke and Carvaan GO.


• View the entire list of songs

a. Connect your Carvaan and the app to enjoy all songs in the unit. Whether its Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Shashi Kapoor or Amitabh Bachchan, songs across all these artistes are available on the app. The songs for connected Carvaan will can be viewed on the app. the songs across

• Listen to the songs you like

a. Now that you have the entire song list in front of you, play songs as per your choice. We believe it’s the perfect way to enjoy our range of specially curated songs

• Search for a specific song

a. Can’t find the songs that you like? Bored to scroll through the entire list of songs? Not a problem. Type in the name of the artiste like Gulzar, Asha Bhosle or any other to view a list of all their songs. Or if you are looking for something specific, simply type the song name / album name and search

• Make your own playlists

a. You can create multiple playlists on the app. Make a playlist for different parts of the day or a variety of moods. We love to name our playlists The Happy List, Best of Romance, Non-stop Dance and Ghazals for the Soul. So go ahead, be creative. Give your playlist a fun name and add songs to go with it

Supported by:

* Android: 5 and above

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