[Holy Coupon]

We will give you an item worth $200 right away just by entering the coupon.

– Holy Coupon 4 kinds

1. BLACKRABBIT – Enter Dungeon Ticket SET

2. SAINT – Equipment & Skill Summon Ticket

3. GRANDOPEN – Ruby*50000

4. USER1000 – Equipment Summon Ticket

[Game World]

Am I a saint when I wake up? We have to save this world?

I want you to join me in the adventures of an ordinary woman who has become a saint.

[Game Features]

▶Holy Idle game created with high quality dot graphics

▶Strategic skill systems that can be targeted in a variety of ways

▶A variety of ways to grow with lots of content

▶A book that strengthens you just by acquiring the equipment

▶Left-alone systems that can grow offline


▶ The game includes partial paid items and game money payment functions.

Please note that there will be actual charges when paying for partial paid items and game money.

▶ Digital products purchased in games may be withdrawn or restricted according to the “Act on Consumer Protection” in “E-Commerce.”

[Optional Access Rights Guide]

▶ Storage space (photos, media, files): Permissions used to install and save and read game and data.

▶ Camera: It is used for capture when inquiring 1:1.

[Official Community]


[Personal information processing policy]

[Terms and Conditions of Service]

[Developer Contacts]


Black Rabbit Inc. ,67-50, Sugi-ro, Gochon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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