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The App of the Romeo Pharmacies

Your pharmacy in Stuttgart.

Reserve prescriptions & medicines. send recipe photos. Look for the package insert. find emergency service. Learn about medicinal plants and dietary supplements.

From now on you always have us with you. Stay in touch and use the short line with one of our employees from the pharmacy in Romeo and Romeo Apotheke Tapachstrasse: also by direct message.

You take a picture of your prescription while you are still at the doctor’s and send it to us directly via the secure channel in our app. We will notify you immediately when your medication is ready for collection.

Have you misplaced a leaflet? No problem: our app knows almost all package inserts. Simply search for the name of the drug and open the leaflet.

You can easily document your medication and that of your family and store it in the app, save medication intake in the calendar and set intake reminders.

We have put together various videos for you in the “Advice Clips” section on many medicinal products and medical products that require explanation. For example, the correct use of the nasal douche is explained. And in 5 languages: German, English, Turkish, Russian and Arabic!

Who’s on emergency call tonight? We’ll show you in our app. With information on how to get there and contact details for the emergency pharmacy.

Don’t miss our promotions and special offers anymore. We keep these up-to-date and well-prepared ready for you.

We have also prepared many medicinal plants and dietary supplements for you in short articles.

Have fun with our app!

Your Romeo pharmacies

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