Restaurant Manager Idle Tycoon info

Restaurant Manager Idle Tycoon is a great new restaurant simulation and cafe cooking game that puts your business skills and creativity in using resource management to test.

Write your restaurant story and develop amazing cooking by managing your own cafe like restaurant. Buy cooking appliances, tables and chairs, expand your business and restaurant space, decorate and design your cafe, cook delicious food like a real chef, from burgers to pizza or steak, bake tasty cakes and desserts , serve all these to your customers and grow your brand and business to become a restaurant or cafe tycoon.

Serve coffee from your upgraded coffee makers and keep your customers happy by cooking donuts, ice cream and more. The secret of a good coffee is the coffee maker and the barista you hire in your cafe or restaurant. Level up your drinks and bring the cooking mania

Become the best 5 star restaurant in town in this new game. Hire new staff to help you achieve your game goal and earn passive idle revenue. Hire singers to increase the tips you receive. Hire a chef in each restaurant and upgrade their skills to be more productive. Grow a team that will help you achieve your cooking and restaurant hopes.

Buy other empty lots in town and grow your own chain of restaurants like a top manager with hundreds of employees and thousands of customers a day in this new business simulation tycoon idle game!

Show your time-management and resource management abilities in running your restaurant empire and cooking the tasty dishes from american to european and asian. If you like cooking games, you will love this cafe game with so many features and customizations!


• Build and manage multiple restaurant, cafe or fast food establishments to increase your cooking business as a manager.

• Prepare only the tastiest coffee types in your cafe and cook the most delicious chef food by upgrading everything in your restaurant crush.

• Cook hundreds of dishes from all over the world, from fast food to classy restaurants dishes, from burgers and steaks to stew, cakes, pancakes, donuts, popcorn, french fries, omelettes and other delicious food, from dinner to breakfast or chef lunch.

• Serve coffee and other soda drinks to your customers to earn extra profits in this simulation adventure cooking game. Bring the best coffee beans and customers will come to your cafe management.

• Write your own story through a series of choices simulation you will have to make on your adventure.

• Connect with your friends to grow your businesses together, send gifts and visit each other.

• Decorate your restaurant using your creativity to create the popular new cooking game in town. Get new windows, paint, tiles and doors to stylish your comfy cafe. Become the cafe tycoon you always dreamt by serving the best coffee in town in this new idle tycoon game. Get a variety of furniture, decorations and cooking appliances. The more visual stars you earn, the more popular your restaurant becomes and the more customers will attract.

• Invest your revenue and unlock new recipes and decorations.

• Improve your time-management and business simulation skills through a serious of adventure challenges.

• Cooking management abilities required to become a top idle manager.

Cooking has never been this easy. Use your personal touch to decorate and grow your business as you wish by becoming the most popular chef available in the cafe game.

Achieve your dream of becoming a Business mogul and play our cooking game, Restaurant Manager Idle Tycoon today!

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