Reflex: reaction training App info

Training Your Brain

Reflex is a brain training program that aids in maintaining a healthy, effective brain. a course that was especially created to sharpen your problem-solving, math, and attention skills while having fun with games.


Intelligent games and puzzles designed specifically to train a variety of skills, from focus and reaction to math.

A course that is tailored to your requirements and interests and includes daily workouts.

Detailed improvement tracking: graphs, rankings, calendar, and tasks on the statistics tab.

A gradual increase in difficulty will help you improve and interact more, and your activity will be tracked on your own profile.

Badges of achievement for your profile.

The use of the app is free.

Utilize Reflex for an efficient and enjoyable brain workout and productivity increase!

It’s never too early or too late to join in on the fun with mind games that can quickly boost your cognitive abilities. Unleash the full potential of your brain with over 15 personalized brain games.

This app offers a variety of brain teasers video games, puzzles and sports-related exercises that will challenge your decision-making skills, focus and concentration, information processing speed, reaction time, logical thinking, peripheral vision and stress resistance. You will also have fun while improving your mental agility and performance.

This game will help you develop your brain power and reaction speed in a fun and engaging way. You can track your progress, compete with other users and share your results with your friends. Download this app today and get ready to challenge yourself!

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