Real Farm: SEA App info

Play, Farm, get Rewarded! One-of-a-kind Farm game!

Real Farm’s sole purpose is not only to make players feel satisfied in the game, but also to bring the “real feeling” of real farming; providing a game mechanism that can be exchanged for high-quality local farm products. Real Farm bridges the gap of Farmers to players’ relationship as a direct channel.

[Build your own farm!]

1. Interact with other users! Chat, send gifts, help their farms!

2. Sell your items, seeds with other users!

3. Make your own items, fertilizer, soil, seedlings, etc.

4. Crossbreed seeds to make the ultimate crop! (300+ possible outcomes)

5. Waiting for your crops? Go fishing as you wait for your crops to harvest.

6. Want some adventure? You can explore the Forest and enter the cave to fight some Mandrake.

[Features of Real Farm]

1. Realistic Farming!

Temperature, Nutrients, Humidity, Timing.

Create these perfect conditions for your crops to harvest the Highest Grade crops!

2. Real-time data

Sell your crops! But watch out for those fluctuating prices!

Prices change depending on what other active users plant!

3. Real Weather!

Weather derived from real locations! Strategize what to plant – be careful of rain, snow, or drought!

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