PureCheck: Scan Food, Cosmetic info

Sometimes, grocery and essentials shopping might be tricky.! We are here with a perfect shopping buddy.

Is your food gluten-free? How much fat does your food have? Does your shampoo contain parabens? Does your no-fragrance face cream have fragrance in it? We are giving you a fully-loaded, all-inclusive food and cosmetic scanner and discovery tool that enables you to discover what you should or should not buy according to your needs.

Why us?

PureCheck: Scan Food, Cosmetic app helps you to look into the ingredients in the food and cosmetic products you are buying and choose healthier and better alternatives. It makes food and cosmetic labels much more clear and enables you to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Simply scan the barcode to figure out how much salt, sugar, and saturated fat in your food or find what all ingredients and additives are present in your cosmetics. Pick the products which are most suitable for you.

Anyone with allergies or a strict diet should definitely use PureCheck: Scan Food, Cosmetic app. With this PureCheck: Scan Food, Cosmetic app, you can either use your camera to scan a product’s barcode or just utilise the app’s large product database to perform a simple search for the products.

Our features:

Barcode Scan – Use a barcode scanner to quickly determine whether a product’s ingredients are suitable for your diet and how they will affect your health. You can easily understand the analysis of each product with a proper rating and detailed information.

Manual Search – Simply enter the product barcode to easily do a manual search for products.

Ingredient Analysis – Almost all types of diets and ANY item or allergy are compatible with our PureCheck: Scan Food, Cosmetic app. Discover the simplest method to begin a difficult diet by learning about the ingredients and selecting the right ones.

Allergen Warning -Warns you against allergens.

Shopping Lists – Make shopping lists to save time at the supermarket.

Find out for sure if food or cosmetic is according to your preference. Alternatively, check if it’s sugar-free, gluten-free, or allergen-free. Also, you can easily look for food nutrition facts, e-additives, preservatives, potential cosmetic allergens, and food and cosmetic allergies. For people who want to check whatever goods they buy, our PureCheck: Scan Food, Cosmetic app is a one-stop destination..

What are you waiting for? Download the app today!

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