Progressive Goose Decoy App info

Electronic decoy – designed for different types of goose


✔ Large, streamlined sound base,

✔ Customizable playback period,

✔ Customizable number of sounds to play,

✔ Play sounds in the background,

✔ Split sounds into channels,

✔ Convenience and ergonomics,

✔ Easy to use.

Guide to use:

✔ install the application on your device,

✔ connect an external speaker or amplifier (the power of the built-in speaker of the phone is not enough),

✔ select the category of game whose sounds you want to play,

✔ start sound simulations in manual mode or adjust the desired interval of continuous playback in the background,

✔ enjoy.

IMPORTANT: The use of electronic decoy, in some places prohibited by law!!!

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