poop monster life challenge info

Welcome to the Poop House , where the daunting dark Monster holds you captive within its eerie abode. Your mission is to find a way to escape, but beware, the Monster’s keen senses can pick up even the slightest noise. One wrong move, and it will come rushing towards you. Seek refuge in wardrobes or under beds to stay out of sight.

You have a limited time of 5 days to outwit the Poop Monster and secure your freedom. Can you survive the challenge that awaits? Prepare yourself, for the countdown begins now!

Embark on the thrilling “Poop Monster Life Challenge 1,” where intriguing new characters will keep you on your toes. If you revel in the adrenaline of survival horror games, brace yourself for the heart-pounding experience of “Dark Poop Monster Life Challenge 1.” Dare to take the plunge and test your skills! Knock Knock Are you ready? Good luck!

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