Pocket Partner App info

Come and meet your new virtual friend!

Are you ready to experience quality time with an adorable Pocket Partner? Well, wait no more and get on your phone!

Enjoy a lovely companion as you bond with a cute digital friend, and create lovely memories as you engage in fun little activities. But first things first, you must tend to the needs of your new friend:

– Keep their bellies full of their favorite recipes.

– Help them keep in good health with their daily exercise.

– Create the perfect garden for them to stroll around.

Interactions like these will unlock even more outfits, seeds for the garden, and your Pocket Partner’s favorite meals! Once you’ve satisfied their basic needs, what about some latest fashion fun?

Thinking about a punk-rock custom outfit? An elegant, chic attire? Perhaps you’re more on the “bunny onesie” team? Customize your new digital friend to show off their dazzling styles! Play with your virtual friend’s appearance, and remember to tap around the screen, it lets them know how much you care. High quality bonding time!

Future features will include a photo boot to immortalize your Pocket Partner’s best outfits, a karaoke game, and new ways to interact!

Come meet your Pocket Partner. The fun is just about to begin!

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