PIUSI SUPREME is the APP that enables the management and control of the PIUSI 3000 SUPREME pump.

Through the APP it is possible to:

· Turn on/off the pump

· Control access by providing a PIN for each operator

· View the quantity and in which vehicle/machinery the refueling was carried out

· Preselect the amount to be dispensed

· Select to dispense at high or low flow rate

· View a summary of the latest dispensing

· Obtain data traceability

The technology behind the app is simple and intuitive: it optimizes pump usage and allows the user to fully focus on his activities.

The smartphone APP is therefore a complete and reliable solution for managing PIUSI 3000 SUPREME.

Thanks to this tool, the full potential of the pump can be exploited to achieve maximum performance safely.

N.B. It is mandatory to have the PIUSI 3000 SUPREME pump in order to use the app.

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