Phone Screen RGB Edge Lighting info

Phone screen edge lighting glows your phone’s screen borders in a variety of colors and patterns instead of boring live wallpaper. Using RGB edge lighting, you can personalize your phone screen like never before, according to your unique style and preferences.

Edge Lighting screen wallpaper is perfect for staying connected when facing your phone. It adds a stylish border to your lock screen & home screen wallpaper. Whether you prefer a delicate and elegant glow or a bold & vibrant burst of colors, the RGB edge lighting feature lets you personalize your phone screen borders.

But that’s not all– edge lighting app goes beyond mere customization. We understand each phone is unique, so we’ve integrated a feature that allows you to adjust the always-on display notch according to your device. With over 50 unique styles, you can create the perfect lighting effect to match your phone style.

Here are some of the features of Edge Lighting phone screen

• Customize your edge lighting with a variety of colors & patterns.🌈

• Set your edge lighting to change colors depending on the phone style.💡

• Make your phone stand out from the crowd with custom edge lighting.😎

• Bring edge lighting effects to your phone with animated wallpapers & Patterns.✨

• Change your live wallpaper with Colorful Round RGB Edge Lighting.💠

• Adjust the RGB border light & the LED display’s designs.🎚️

Key features in Edge Lighting phone screen

👀Enable Live Wallpaper

📲 Enable display over the app

🎨Variety of border colors

🍁50+ unique emoji border styles

🖼️Set customizable background

🎚️ Adjust (Animation speed, border size, radius top, radius bottom)

⏏ Enable display notch

⭕Enable display hole

♾️Enable display infinity (U & V) shapes

Take a step into the eye-catching lighting effects and vibrant colors that dance around the boundaries of your smartphone to give you a stunning visual display.

To give your smartphone screen an outstanding RGB edge lighting border experience, download the edge lighting RGB screen wallpaper right away!📲✨😎

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