PayMax App info

Welcome to PayMax.


Say no to old methods of payments. Just download PayMax. The Next generation of financial solutions is here.

In order to provide seamless services and to achieve excellence, we are releasing our first, Beta version, for our valued customers. You will forever be a part of our pioneer members group.

The service is still developing more exciting features but you can be amongst the first privileged users to review and download our app before the final release.

So, test drive PayMax and help us build the next leading financial app of Pakistan.

This app is only available for customers in Pakistan. During this Beta phase, we will require additional white-listing of your MSISDN.

So, in order to register your account after the downloading the app, please provide your details at

What we offer at present:

• Money Transfer

• Payments

• Mobile Loads

•Cash Deposits

•Cash Withdrawals

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