Party Guys: Royal Race 3D info

Take part in an epic battle royal championship! Show off your skills through an obstacle course and make all your opponents fall.

Many different and unique levels present an obstacle course with different traps, unique level designs and modes. During the run, you have to go through rounds, knocking out your opponents and ranking at the top. Your goal is to become number one and climb to the top to get the winner’s crown!


Each new level is a different, randomized mode where you’ll be on your own or team up with other players. This could be an obstacle course or a level where you have to outlast the other players while the floor is being destroyed. Have you been divided into teams? Great! Then team up with your teammates and earn as many points as possible to get to the next level and go head-to-head with your teammates. Remember, there’s only one winner! The loser is eliminated from the race and falls down!


Your goal is to make it to the end and be the only survivor. Dodge traps, pass obstacles, run to the finish line without looking back and think through your strategy, all means are good. One rapid reaction is not enough, you have to calculate when it is better to jump, and where it is better to dodge or wait until your enemies rush straight to the trap and fly off the map. It may sound challenging, but it’s insanely fun.

Well, I think you understand the basics already and are ready to run to victory, but wait… I haven’t told you the highlights yet! You can run, but it’s not enough. Grab your opponents, push them straight into traps or knock them off the map. You can be smarter than them and make sure they don’t make it to the finish line, use all the moves to become the undefeated champion.

In this game the controls are made as simple and convenient as possible, so you don’t get distracted by anything unnecessary. The stick, to control your character, is as responsive and comfortable as possible. And all movements are assigned to special buttons, which are conveniently located so that you don’t accidentally press them. And importantly, the game is perfectly optimized, it’s easy to learn how to play, but you have to try hard to become a master.


And so you’re champion, standing on the podium wearing the winner’s crown and… oh, you look bored. A winner has to stand out! Don’t worry, before the new round you can go into the wardrobe and customize your character the way you want. Stand out not only with your masterful skill, but also with your original and unique look! Here you’ll find something to suit your needs. Not enough items in your wardrobe? Get new items and coins for completing levels and run to the shop to upgrade your assortment.

Game features

– Unique levels with traps, obstacles and features – never a dull moment

– Numerous game modes, each requiring a different approach and tactic

– Advanced physics – all collisions and falls will simulate real physics

– Excellent and modern 3D graphics

– Plenty of items to customise. Stand out from the crowd!

Take on the funniest battle royale ever! Download Clash Guys: Star Royale 3D today and start winning today, and it’s free to play!

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