Oasis Minimalist Launcher info

Today’s phone home screens are cluttered and distracting, keeping you engaged even when you’d prefer not to be. Oasis Launcher transforms your phone into a minimalist device, displaying only what matters to you, without limiting your phone’s capabilities.

A minimalist launcher designed to help decrease your phone usage shouldn’t compromise functionality. Oasis Launcher perfectly balances minimalism with functionality.

|| Top Reasons to use Oasis Launcher

✦ Simple, Minimalist UI: Makes it easy to access everything you need, and keeps unnecessary distractions out of sight.

✦ The Oasis: A fun blend of games and activities to deter doom scrolling and excessive social media usage. This unique feature helps reduce your phone usage.

✦ Ad-Free: In keeping with the minimalist approach, there will never be ads of any kind, even in the free version.

✦ Live Wallpapers: Handpicked minimalist live wallpapers are provided to complement the clean aesthetics of the launcher.

✦ Customizable: Tailor the launcher to best suit your needs. Organize your favorite apps into folders and on the Home screen, change font size, and add a Time widget that suits your style.

✦ Hide Apps: You have the option to make certain apps less accessible.

✦ Privacy: We do not collect data that could identify you in any way. This will never change, so you can use your phone without any worries.

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OasisLauncher/

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