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Play online with ninjas around the world in a 1v1 showdown. Unleash a flurry of weapon attacks, pet attacks and special skills to overwhelm your opponent.

Join over 100,000 players, and climb the leaderboard to win amazing prizes!


Fight online using basic turn based gameplay, with strategy baked into every aspect – elemental damage, rage, and spells.


Unleash powerful spells to gain an advantage over your foe. You can block attacks, save your ninja from imminent death, prevent healing potions, or double down on damage for a turn. Check out the Store and Redeem Shop for spells and use them in battle by clicking Swap.


Combine multiple items to unleash a more powerful item! You can combine 5, 7, or 10 items to Fusion Swap. Use them wisely to counter your foe.

NFT Ready

You can construct your ninja with NFTs you own to build the strongest ninja! Collect the rarest, most powerful items in the game.


Purchase items from our Candy Machine collections such as Jungle Club and SAM THE SAMURAI. The collections feature their own private communities, exclusive in-game power-ups, and increase your earning potential in NinjaFT.

Simulation Mode

Earn coins passively with your NFTs! Your entire collection can be verified to earn coins daily in Simulation Mode.

Daily Airdrops

Check in every day for free giveaways! Check the Airdrops feature for these exclusive items.

NinjaFT is one of the first blockchain games on the App Store! Join a strong gaming community that loves to battle and trade!

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