Network Wifi Sim Query Tools info

👉️ The application can quickly check the number of users or devices connected to your WiFi network, such as a Tplink/Tp-Link, Dlink, Netgear or Huawei router, among others.

👉️ We frequently have poor network access or slow internet speeds. Network WiFi Sim Query Tools offer strong tools for network configuration, analysis, and speeding up.

👉️ One of the main benefits of Speed Test is that it automatically adjusts the testing approach based on your connection type (WiFi or 2G/3G/4G LTE/5G network (NR)(If Supported), ensuring a very accurate result.

【 Special Network Tools 】

✔️ Who’s on my WiFi

✔️ Router Setup Tool, Simplify the setup and management of your Wi-Fi network.

✔️ PORT SCANNER Tool, Allows you to enter your IP address and the port scanner will show you how many ports are open.

✔️ Ping Tool, For determining whether a host is reachable on an IP network.

✔️ Whois Tool, Access domain and IP details, including registration data and contact information, from public WHOIS databases.

✔️ Sub-net Scanner, Find out how each device is connected to your local network by scanning the Sub-net using the IP and MAC addresses of each device.

✔️ Access to the router configuration web page.

✔️ Tool to check open ports on found devices.

✔️ Check the Wi-Fi network’s claimed network speed.

✔️ Displays device information such as host-name, IP address, Gateway IP, Loop-back address, Operating Channel, Net-mask, dns.

✔️ Get the Wi-Fi network’s Network ID, MAC address & device’s Public IP address.

✔️ Identify the Wi-Fi network’s Service Set Identifier (SSID) & Basic Service Set Identifier (BSSID).

✔️ Check the Wi-Fi network’s signal strength RSSI (in dBm and percentage).

✔️ Get the device’s local IPv4 address & IPv6 address.

✔️ Tool for DNS Lookup Using DNS to lookup URLs or IP addresses.

👉️ In order to fully understand your network and identify any issues, use the Network WiFi Sim Query Tools.

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