My First 150 Words Lite info

Learning is an adventure with ‘My First 150 Words’! We transform vocabulary building into a vibrant journey filled with rich illustrations, real-world pictures, and clear pronunciation. Designed to captivate young learners, our app fosters cognitive development and reading comprehension while making learning a fun, engaging experience.

Discover 150 carefully chosen words across six lively categories – Food, Body, Vehicles, Toys, Clothes, and Animals. In the Lite version, you have available Body and Animals to try out. Each category presents an interactive learning environment that inspires curiosity, encourages language development, and enhances cognitive growth.

‘My First 150 Words’ transcends traditional learning methods with an immersive approach that integrates real pictures and engaging sounds. Through image association, it allows children to connect words with images for effective learning and improved recall.

Our user-friendly design caters to the little hands, featuring simple navigation that makes it a breeze for children to explore the app independently. Ensuring a safe and child-friendly environment, ‘My First 150 Words’ prioritizes your child’s security during their learning journey.

In today’s interconnected world, multilingual skills are an invaluable asset. ‘My First 150 Words’ empowers your child with the gift of languages. All six languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese – are available within the same app, laying the groundwork for your child’s budding linguistic abilities.

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