Mukti Gold info

Mukti Gold, Diamonds & Platinum is a team of happy golden people growing effortlessly with a common team vision.

‘Ornamenting people for a prosperous happy universe.’

Our mission is to establish Mukti Gold Diamond & Platinum as one of the finest jewellery dealer throughout the world with strong & reliable group network.

We are one of the finest CZ – ETHNIC -DIAMOND – Platinum jewellery manufacturers with a distribution network growing all over World . Our success mantra of ‘HAPPY CUSTOMER’


Designing – inspired by nature

Crafting – with heart o Finishing – with technical excellence


Edge to Marketing

Support to production


Growing to serve o Serving to grow

Our Team Serve Corporate Customers as well as Generation Shops all Over India Specially South India from Chennai – Hyderabad –

Combatore – Bengaluru

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