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More than 100K users across the world are using Mesej Je every day for free and instantaneously communicate with WA chat without the need to save the phone number to contact. Click to chat, instant chat, or send a file, video, or photo to a WA number with a click of a button. Make your life easy to communicate.

• Save your time – State-of-the-art click-to-chat keeps you from wasting time naming a phone number each time to contact someone new (clients for example) and making your contact clustered.

How to use:

• Enter the number and text message (optional) and click the send button

• Unique – Mesej Je’s advanced development allows you to send a file or photo/video without the need to save the phone number. Make your marketing resources (e.g. marketing posters and clients document) distribution a lot easy and hassle-free.

How to use:

• Choose a media/file

• Enter the number and message (optional)

• Click to send

• Bulk numbers for Group/Broadcast – You don’t need to name individual phone numbers if you have a list to contact. Just use our Temporary Numbers to save multiple numbers as “Temporary”, open WhatsApp, search the keyword “Temporary” and add those numbers to a group or make a broadcast list.

*All temporary numbers will automatically be deleted

*Note that for the broadcast list, the phone numbers need to save your number to be able to receive your broadcast.

How to use:

• Add multiple numbers and click the green icon to open the official app

• On the official app, search “Temporary” to find all of the numbers entered

• You can add those numbers to a group, or broadcast a list

• The temporary numbers will be deleted when exiting Mesej Je. If error, click the refresh button on the Multiple Numbers menu to automatically delete the temp numbers

• Easy contact me – You can make others contact you with a single click. Share the URL and let them contact you.

• Reply assistant – Notify your friends or clients when you are away. Customize your unique automatic reply.

• Wa Web – Build in WhatsApp web to assist and increase your chat marketing productivity. Mesej Je WaWeb includes click-to-chat and all functionalities (e.g. voice chat, group, disappearing message, status, etc. ) are available.

How to use:

• Scan the QR code to use your other number inside Mesej Je

• Click send icon on the toolbar to direct message

• Disclaimer

Mesej Je only provides a tool to direct messages using the official API, temporarily saves the phone number in the address book, and does not associate with the official app.

• Privacy

Mesej Je does not condone any act of Spamming or Privacy abuse to other users. All users are advised to use this app with dignity and respect toward others.

• GDPR and CCPA Consent

Mesej Je relied on Ads for making this app free. We use services from Ad Mob and Firebase for advertisement and crash reporting. We do not collect any personal data from the users.

For support, questions, or more information, please email me:

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