Mahaal Point of Sale POS App info

Whether you’re a small retail shop, a large restaurant, or any other type of business, Mahaal point of sale POS system is the perfect solution for all your point-of-sale needs.

Use Mahaal POS point of sale system to record your daily sales, manage your inventory, create your online store, monitor suppliers and customers transactions, manage users permissions and roles, create purchase orders, invoices and much more all in one place.

Mobile POS System, use it on your smartphone or tablet to :

– Add unlimited products to the catalog

– Record your daily sales and track your margins and profit

– Create and publish your online store in seconds

– Manage your inventory

– Manage your customers and suppliers

– Create purchase orders & invoices

– Manage staff and employees and their access roles

– Set up your cash register

– Use for multi locations and multi stores

– Download PDF reports & statistics

– Sell online & offline from any smartphone or tablet

– Intuitive and easy to use without training

– 100% secure with automated data backup

Key Features of Mahaal POS :

Mobile Point of Sale system: Mahaal is a point-of-sale app for Android that enables you to sell anywhere using your smartphone or tablet

Offline & Online: Mahaal point of sale works both with and without Internet. If the internet goes off, Mahaal will back up automatically all your sales when the system goes back online.

Easy and fast checkout: Process sales in just 3 clicks! Select the products, activate your payment modes, and get ready to cash in!

Payment management: Manage multiple payment options with Mahaal POS, split payments, refund past sales completely or partially, allow deposits and advances on sales, while tracking customers balances and collecting credits…

Online Store: Sell your products from anywhere and no matter where your customers are, set up your e-commerce website, build your Online Product Catalog, enable online orders and get discovered easily.

Catalog management: Add unlimited items to your catalog, set up your prices and change them over time as needed.

Customer & Supplier management: Engage with customers before, during and after a sale is made through your online store, WhatsApp or SMS. Create customer & supplier profiles, keep tabs on purchase habits and connect with them online and offline.

Bookkeeping with Konnash : Record your customers and suppliers’ debts and payments, simplify follow-up and speed up collection.

Inventory management: Mahaal is the best POS app for small businesses to keep a permanent visibility of their stock. If you are looking for an inventory app or a retail inventory system for your small store, Mahaal is the right app for you.

Margin Calculator : Calculate your profit margin with Mahaal point of sale, learn how to determine the selling price and increase your profit

Reports and statistics : See where you are making the most sales, view your sales history, your inventory movements and identify your strengths and areas of improvement .

Purchase Orders : Generate purchase orders, track delivery with suppliers and automatically update your inventory once you receive your orders!

Who can use the Mahaal Point of Sale?

Whether you sell from home or manage multiple stores, Mahaal point of sale is the ideal solution you need to grow your business. You can use Mahaal if you are:

– Restaurant, Fast food, Coffee shop, Bakery, Beauty center, Hair salon, Barbershop, Spa, Electronics, Apparel, Clothing, Jewelry, Makeup , Furniture stores, Gift store, Home decor, Pet stores, Sporting goods, Toys store, Grocery store, Fruits and vegetables store, Pharmacy and Medical store, Home and repair services…

Download the application now and join the new small business revolution with millions of merchants.

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