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New Server Jose Open

LunaM:ph will be open starting from 12/18 1pm.

The story of a battle among different races to possess the five-colored flight stone which has incredible power!

Glamorous skill effects with adorable graphics!

A vast open world that lets the player experience various contents without restriction!

A highly convenient auto-quest feature that allows the character to grow stronger and stronger!

Hundreds of pets and mounts, and costumes to decorate your character with endless combinations!

Your own unique character that is one of a kind!

Decorate your character with hundreds of costume parts!

“Oh I’m not too great at decorating…” Don’t you worry~

Various costume sets with additional options are in store for you!

Pretty pets? Adorable mounts? Is that really all we have?

The trend of just pretty pets and mounts is over!

Directly aiding in battle! Cuties that raises your stats! Cuteness is a plus!

“We are strictly combat ready as well, you know?”

Become stronger by playing together!

Increased exp gained when you form a party, and immense exp gained with increased party members!

Double exp when you enter a Guild Dungeon?!

Don’t forget the Guild Raid where you can obtain rare items!

“My prey is different from the rest… I, fish!”

Grind yesterday, grind today, and grind tomorrow… again?! No way! Grind-only contents are over!

Fish to cook food and harvest herbs to make potions!

Grab your pick-axe and start mining to craft accessories with various options in the blink of an eye!

Endless ways to become stronger!

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