Jump Into Hole info

“Jump Into Hole” is an enthralling mobile game that takes you on a unique journey through alternate dimensions! In this vibrant and challenging game, you will collect multicolored stickmen, navigating them through mesmerizing landscapes before diving headfirst into a mysterious black hole.

But that’s just the beginning. Once you emerge from the other side, you’ll find yourself in uncharted space territories teeming with opposing stickmen, poised for battle. It’s your job to skillfully fight them off with your color-matched stickmen troops.

In the midst of battle, you’ll need to master timing, strategy, and quick decision-making. There’s a galaxy full of stickmen to collect, each one unlocking new abilities and strategies to help you secure your victories.

Unleash the power of the black hole and dive into the world of “Jump Into Hole”. Challenge your skill, strategy, and survival instincts as you traverse through the edges of reality and beyond. One thing is certain – it’s a cosmic ride you won’t forget!

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