Intales info

Intales is the world’s first collaborative network where each user does not feel alone, but exists together with others. Intales is a new social experience that rewards active users who like to create content together.

Create a Tale and all your friends will immediately receive an invitation to participate.

All your Tales have a limited time, and each participation you receive will increase their length.

The more active you are, the more chances you have to save your Tales from the passage of time.


• Create a unique Tale and all your friends will receive an invitation to participate

• Find inspiration for a fun title or be guided by our breathtaking suggestions.


• Participate in other people’s Tales by adding a photo that expresses your point of view!

• Each photo you add to a Tale will increase its length and can be viewed for longer.


• Have fun creating Tales and participating in your friends’ Tales…but watch out for the ticking clock!

• Don’t lose sight of the ticking clock to be able to save the Tales you love most.


• When you post a Tale all your friends will be invited simultaneously to participate.

• 1 hour before the deadline of a Tale you have created, all your friends will be notified and can participate to save it.


• Collaborate and receive collaborations to unlock the ability to save your own Tale!

• A saved Tale has defeated time and will stay alive forever.

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