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Experience the Epic Dragon Hunt in the Inariel Legend!

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt is a real-time fantasy RPG game that immerses you in a strategic battle against the Chaos Dragons. As a commander, rally the heroes of Inariel continent and embark on a legendary journey to respond to the call of the Oath Dragons, leaving your mark on the continent.

> Easy Development, Intense Battles

Evolve and upgrade heroes, wisely choose equipment based on their class. Unleash their true potential and face off against the perilous Chaos Dragons that roam the Inariel continent.

> Unleash Your Strategy, Control the Battlefield

Take full control of your hero’s movement, strategically avoid enemy damage, launch powerful attacks, and unleash devastating ultimate skills at the perfect moment to secure victory.

> Unleash the Power of Hero Lineup Combinations

Create dynamic battle styles by assembling diverse hero lineups. Tank heroes absorb damage, Warriors fight and resist, agile Rogues infiltrate enemy lines, Mages unleash devastating area-of-effect spells, and Supports provide crucial buffs. Explore various combinations like aggressive Rogue-Warrior duos or Tank-Support partnerships to protect your core DPS.

> Immerse Yourself in Heroes’ Stories

Uncover the captivating tales of over 40 heroes from six major factions and five classes. As you journey deeper into the Inariel continent, unravel the love, hatred, and secrets that shape their lives. Discover the history of ancient races and the mysteries of chaotic forces alongside your trusted heroes.

The creatures of Inariel await your arrival. Pre-register now and embark on an unforgettable adventure alongside your heroic allies.

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