Honeymoon Simulator Love Game info

Honeymoon Simulator – Love Game is an interactive story based simulation game in which you will enjoy lovely honeymoon period immediately following marriage in an enchanting open-world map. Game is following a romantic interactive storyline, where you will go on honeymoon after wedding on luxury cars you own and many others that you’ve only dreamt to drive once. For the sake of not spoiling the thrill, we cannot reveal all of the surprises we’ve designed for you, but here are some fun tasks like:

– Car is not looking good so go to mechanic shop.

– Go to decorating shop to decorate car.

– Pick up the couple and go to beauty service.

– Bride and groom is tired, take them to home.

– Go to beach and take sun bath.

You must take on the challenges that have been set up for you in the town and finish them to make coins. Steer your best car to the final point, but remember you only have a certain period of time. Find shorter routes to the finish line and maximize your speed. Upgrade your driving and parking capacities by completing numerous pick and drop missions to advance to the next complex level.

What’s new in Bride and Groom Wedding Simulator?

– Detailed scenery in 3D graphics and animations

– Vehicle upgrades

– Immersive city environment

– Realism of cars model and engine physics

– Multiple camera angles

– Complex city road layouts to challenge your driving skills

– Easy and smooth controls

– Tons of fun missions to complete in stipulated time

With additional features, you can really feel as you’re in a realistic couple car as it is designed by considering all the details for wedding car. Make stunts on city streets and massive ramps to show off your expertise and skills. Car driving simulator games players will fall in love with its amazing gameplay and interactive story experiences.

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