Hidden Mahjong Cat Tails: Free App info

With all of the extra wild purrs and sweet meows, Difference Games is proud to present Hidden Mahjong Cat Tails: Free Kitten Game.

This free Mahjong game features 160 unique levels with TONS of cute artwork of furry animal adventures. Travel across a map through a feline forest and around the urban jungle and see what mischief the animals are up to along the way. You’ll unlock amazing treasures, collect valuables items, and solve tons of levels of free mahjong puzzles!

Hidden Mahjong Cat Tails: Free Kitten Game is a relaxing, free Mahjong game with beautiful artwork and music, set in the mystery animal world. Solve 80 beautiful, hand crafted boards as difficulty increases. Can you become the mahjong expert?


UNLOCK new levels, COLLECT amazing treasure, and SPIN prize wheels for bonus coins!

These awesome daily tasks are here to help you earn TONS of coins. Collect items and craft objects and sell them for gold! Match to collect items and unlock prizes in hidden treasure chests!

80 handcrafted backgrounds and 160 AMAZING levels including normal + expert challenges!

Stay busy for hours as you navigate all of the Mahjong challenges and adventures! Take it slow with a normal level, or upgrade with coins to really challenge yourself. Replay for high scores and see how much you improve after every round of Mahjong. Earn three gold stars on every level and all of your friends will be calling you the Mahjong master!

DOWNLOAD everything from the adorable kitten to fierce lion pictures with all of your extra coins!


Let us know! Which Mahjong land is your favorite to explore? info@differencegames.com

Land 1 – Cat Tailz

– Curly or straight, long or short, we can’t get enough of these furry critters’ fluffy tails! Watch the cats pounce and play in real live 3D photos after you complete each level. In the land of Cat Tailz there are

vast landscapes full of vibrant colors, rapid waterfalls, and peaceful meadows.

Land 2 – Creatures Great and Small

– Size doesn’t matter! In this world, each furry friend is as cute as the next one! Watch as the people cuddle up to some of the most fearsome creatures of all. Are cuddly kittens your favorite? What about rare reptiles? Whatever your favorite type of animal is, you’re sure to find something you fall in love with in this mysterious animal land!

Land 3 – Cute Critters

– Walk through jungles and nature scenes from around the world to see some of the most magical and rare animals like pandas and zebras in their natural habitat! This level

Land 4 – Animal Crackers

– This playful animal adventure world shows kind, furry creatures in all walks of life. Whether you find them in the kitchen or the wilderness, they are as sweet and playful as ever! Animal Crackers brings your favorite childhood snack to life. Once you have made it to this animal fantasy world, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful and majestic of scenery.

The fun doesn’t have to stop once you have mastered this game! Follow The Mahjong Adventure Series by Difference Games and travel around an unlimited number of fantasy worlds! Do you fancy majestic unicorns? What about traveling around the world? Are you a reader who gets lost in the pages of your favorite novels? What about someone who loves taking strolls through manicured gardens or the rustic countryside farmland? Would you be in awe if a fairy suddenly appeared when you’d least expect it? Difference Games’ Mahjong games feature all of these beautiful retreats and more. And the best part is: we’re always creating new and exciting FREE Mahjong games that pair fantastic game mechanics and top-level 3D professional artwork so that you know you’re always playing the best free Mahjong mobile game!

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